CBS 3 Videos 2017

Posted: 1 year, 60 days ago

Scroll down this page and explore 14 videos created and researched by CBS 3 this summer as part of their SummerFest series. They are entertaining and informative at the same time. Learn about Haddonfield history, shopping in the downtown, individual entrepreneurs and town institutions & organizations. Thank you CBS Philly for doing such a great job!

SummerFest: Haddonfield Shops Have Something For Everyone

SummerFest: Haddonfield is a Colonial Gem.

SummerFest: Mayor: ‘We’re All Invested In This Town

Summerfest: The History Of Haddonfield’s Haddy The Dinosaur

SummerFest: Haddonfield Library Goes Beyond Just Providing Books. 

SummerFest: In The Kitchen Cooking School

SummerFest: 24 Hour Play Festival At The Haddonfield Plays & Players.

SummerFest: Get Hooked On Knitting In Haddonfield

SummerFest: Bridal Boutiques Fill Downtown Haddonfield

Summerfest: Gracie’s Water Ice & Ice Cream Offers Flavorful Joy

Summerfest: British Chip Shop Serves Authentic Cuisine

SummerFest: Sweet T’s Bakeshop Provides The Icing On The Cake

SummerFest: Haddonfield Boys Cross Country Have Been Undefeated Since 1997

SummerFest: Haddonfield Therapy Dog Up For National Hero Award