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May 27, 2021

REGISTER NOW: Pre-Registration Reopening for NJEDA Small Business Grants

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) is reopening applications for grants for small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic through Phase 4 of the Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program. This round of funding will provide grants up to $20,000 to small and medium sized businesses and non-profits that have been negatively impacted by COVID-19.

In order to apply for a grant, you must pre-register between Wednesday, May 26th at 9:00 a.m. and Wednesday, June 30th at 5:00 p.m. Interested business owners who did not SUBMIT a pre-registration in April need to pre-register at

Business owners who submitted a pre-registration in April, but did not apply, do not need to pre-register again. Pre-registration IS NOT first come, first served, but businesses are encouraged to begin the process as
early as possible.


Applications will become available in July, following the pre-registration period. Pre-registration and the application will be available in English and Spanish. The NJEDA is also offering interpretation services to support speakers of ten additional languages: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, and Tagalog.

Questions? Please call 844-965-1125

May 24, 2021

Mask Mandate and six eliminated as of May 28, 2021.  6 foot distancing will also be lifted.

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May 17, 2021
Governor Murphy extends mask mandate for indoors until the middle of June

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May 14, 2021

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Posted May, 3, 2021

With COVID-19 Numbers Trending Decisively in the Right Direction, Governor Murphy Announces Additional Easing of Restrictions


Changes Include Removal of All Percentage Capacity Limits for Indoor and Outdoor Businesses, Lifting of Prohibition on Indoor Bar Seating, and Removal of Outdoor Gathering Limit

Changes Effective in Two Phases On Friday, May 7 and Wednesday, May 19 

TRENTON – With COVID-19 numbers trending decisively in the right direction and New Jersey progressing toward its adult-age vaccination goals, Governor Murphy today announced an additional easing of restrictions, including a removal of all percentage capacity limits for indoor and outdoor businesses, a lifting of the prohibition on indoor bar seating, and an end to the outdoor gathering limit. As detailed below, some changes will take effect on Friday, May 7, with others taking effect on Wednesday, May 19, in coordination with both New York and Connecticut.

“With our COVID-19 numbers, particularly hospitalizations, trending decisively in the right direction and our vaccination goals within reach, now is the time to take major steps to reopen our economy and loosen both indoor and outdoor gathering and capacity restrictions,” said Governor Murphy. “We’ve done this the right way, in partnership with our neighboring states of New York and Connecticut, and by allowing data, science, and public health to guide our decision-making. Over these next few weeks, I encourage all remaining eligible New Jerseyans to get vaccinated so we can continue fighting back against this virus and move toward a ‘new normal’ for ourselves, our neighbors, and our loved ones.”

“With COVID-19 cases on the decline, more than 7 million vaccines administered and the good weather allowing more outdoor activities, we are able to take these steps to reopen the state,” said Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli. “But, we can’t let our guard down now. Please get vaccinated if you haven’t already, practice physical distancing and wear a mask when in large crowds.’’

Today, Governor Murphy will sign an executive order that makes the following changes effective Friday, May 7 (some of which were previously scheduled to take effect on Monday, May 10):

  • Outdoor gatherings limit – The limit will increase to 500 persons, up from 200.
  • Large venue outdoor capacity – The maximum capacity allowed will increase to 50% for venues with 1,000 fixed seats or more, as long as six feet of distance is maintained, up from 30% capacity for venues with a 2,500 fixed seating capacity.
  • Increase in maximum capacity for certain indoor activities – Currently, indoor catered events are limited to 35% of the capacity of the room in which they are held, up to 150 persons. The capacity limit for those events, including proms, will be raised to 50%, up to a maximum of 250 individuals. The  capacity limit for indoor political events, weddings, funerals, memorial services, and performances will also increase accordingly.
  • Dance floors at private catered events – Dance floors would be permitted to open at such events, with masking and social distancing requirements in place. Dance floors would remain closed at bars and other related businesses, such as nightclubs.
  • Permit carnivals and fairs to operate at the amusement business capacity – Currently, these events may be treated like a gathering, and thus subject to more restrictive limits. Carnivals and fairs may now operate at the same capacity as large outdoor amusements.
  • Bar seating– The prohibition on indoor bar seating will be lifted, with final guidance on necessary safeguards, such as spacing and the use of plexiglass, to follow from the New Jersey Department of Health.
  • Buffets – The restriction on self-service food, like buffets, at restaurants, would be lifted, but individuals will still be required to remain seated while eating and drinking.

Additionally, barring an unexpected uptick in COVID-19 numbers, the following changes will go into effect on Wednesday, May 19, largely in line with actions taking place in the neighboring states of New York and Connecticut:

  • Complete removal of outdoor gathering limit– Attendees at outdoor gatherings will still be required to remain six feet apart from other groups.
  • Indoor gathering limit– The general indoor gathering limit will be raised to 50 persons, up from 25 persons. The limit applies to general social gatherings, such as birthday parties and events in people’s homes. Commercial gatherings and gatherings organized and operated by an overseeing entity (e.g. conferences, expositions, meetings of fraternal organizations, job trainings, events hosted by senior centers) will be subject to the 250-person indoor gathering limit that applies to indoor catered events, as long as all attendees can remain six feet apart.
  • Complete removal of all percentage capacity limits for indoor and outdoor businesses, and houses of worship – Any business, whether indoors or outdoors, that is subject to a percentage capacity limitation will instead be guided by the rule regarding six feet of distance between persons or groups of persons.  This would include:
    • Indoor dining – Currently, indoor dining is limited to 50% capacity. This change will remove the 50% limitation but maintain the six feet of required distance between tables, except that tables will still be permitted to be closer than six feet where restaurants use partitions that comply with DOH requirements. Additionally, the prohibition on tables of more than 8 persons will be lifted. As a reminder, outdoor dining has never been bound to a capacity percentage.
    • Houses of worship and religious services, which are currently at 50% capacity. Retail businesses, which are currently at 50% capacity.
    • Gyms, which are currently at 50% capacity.
    • Personal care services, which are currently at 50% capacity.
    • Indoor and outdoor amusement and recreation businesses, which are both currently limited to 50% capacity.
    • Indoor and outdoor pools, which are both currently limited to 50% capacity.
    • Indoor catered events, funerals, memorial services, performances, and political activities – Per today’s Executive Order, these events will be limited to 50% of a room’s capacity, up to 250 individuals.  Beginning on Wednesday, May 19, the 250-person limit will remain in place, but there will be no percentage-based capacity restrictions. Individuals and groups will need to remain six feet apart.
  • Indoor large venue capacity – The capacity limit for indoor large venues will increase from 20% to 30% and the definition of a large venue would shift from those with 2,500 fixed seats to those with 1,000 fixed seats. The requirement that individuals or groups of individuals that purchase tickets together remain six feet apart would remain in place.


For the full text of Executive Order No. 238, click here



Posted March 23, 2021

Restaurant Revitalization Fund grants

An eligible business may receive a tax-free federal grant equal to the amount of its pandemic-related revenue loss, calculated by subtracting its 2020 gross receipts from its 2019 gross receipts.

Posted March 11, 2021

New Jersey’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic took another incremental step forward Wednesday as Gov. Phil Murphy announced that restaurants and many other indoor businesses can increase their capacities from 35% to 50% next week.

Bars, casinos, gyms, personal care services and amusement venues will also be able to be half-filled starting at 6 a.m. on March 19.

The limit on private gatherings will also increase to 25 people indoors and 50 outdoors. Religious services or ceremonies, political events, weddings, funerals and memorial services have higher limits.

Posted February 4, 2021

Here is a link to the Governor’s latest EO easing restrictions, effective on Friday 2/5/21:

Posted December 3, 2020

The Partnership for Haddonfield Covid Grant Program.

The Partnership for Haddonfield (hereinafter the “Partnership”) offers a grant (hereinafter “Covid Grant”) to existing Haddonfield businesses for the purpose of reimbursement for expenses incurred on account of protection required to minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus (“Covid-19”).

Haddonfield retailers, restaurants and service businesses may apply for a Covid Grant from the Partnership.

Program Guidelines
1. Eligible Businesses

Any current Haddonfield service, retail or restaurant business may apply for a Covid Grant. The maximum amount of funding for service and retail businesses will not exceed $200 and for restaurant businesses will not exceed $500.

2. Eligible Purposes

Reimbursement for personal protection items and enhancements installed to provide protection from spread of Covid-19. Some examples include: the cost of Plexiglass, heaters, tents, technology investments and other equipment such as masks, hand sanitizer, etc.

Application and Review Process

Funding for the Covid Grant Program is limited and disbursements will be made based on the order in which applications are received. The deadline for submission of an application is December 30, 2020. The Covid Grant Program is administered through the Retail Recruitment and Retention Committee of the Partnership (hereinafter the “Committee”).

To apply for this grant, please send the attached application to:

Partnership for Haddonfield c/o Borough Hall
242 Kings Highway East Haddonfield, NJ 08033

Or scan and email to:

Your application must include a detailed description of your costs actually expended or proposed for protective enhancements on account of Covid-19.


Posted November 10, 2020

Receive 10-35% discounts on PPE products from trusted retailers

Through the New Jersey Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Access Program, all NJ-based businesses and non-profits are eligible for a 10% discount on PPE purchases made through an approved online retailer.

Small businesses with under 100 employees may be eligible for an additional 25% discount.

Click for details

Posted October 29, 2020

Governor Murphy issues executive order mandating employee and workplace protections
Below is a copy of Executive Order No. 192, signed by the Governor, mandating private and public companies to implement uniform health and safety standards to protect all workers against the coronavirus.
This order goes into effect at 6:00 a.m. on Thursday, November 5, and requires the following:
Executive Order-192

Posted October 15, 2020

NJEDA Announces $70 Million Phase 3 COVID-19 Grant Program

Posted on July 24, 2020

Apply for a Camden County CARES Small Business Grant

Posted on June 16, 2020

Posted June 15, 2020

Executive Order regarding June 22 opening of Personal Care Services (PDF)

Posted June 12, 2020

Former NJ Gov. Christie Unveils Initiative to Provide Relief to Small Businesses

Posted June 10, 2020

NJEDA Expands Micro Business Loan Program

On June 8, the Federal Reserve Board expanded its Main Street Lending

Posted June 8, 2020

NJ’s outdoor dining, retail reopening rules are out. Here’s what they look like.

Posted June 4, 2020

State documents for outdoor dining.
Governor Murphy’s Executive Order (PDF)
Department of Health guidelines (PDF)

Posted June 3, 2020
The second phase of the NJEDA COVID-19 Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program opens on Tuesday, June 9 at 9 a.m.:

Posted May 24, 2020

Posted May 18, 2020

Downtown Parking set up to help utilize curb-side Pick Up

Posted June 8, 2020

Governor’s Executive Order regarding non-essential businesses and curb-side retail

Posted June 3, 2020
The second phase of the NJEDA COVID-19 Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program opens on Tuesday, June 9 at 9 a.m.:

Posted May 24, 2020

Posted May 18, 2020

Downtown Parking set up to help utilize curb-side Pick Up

Posted May 14, 2020

Governor’s Executive Order regarding non-essential businesses and curb-side retail

Posted May 12, 2020

Posted May 4, 2020

Posted May 1, 2020

Useful link: hair and nail salons

Posted April 19, 2020

Posted April 8, 2020
NJEDA loan applications open Monday the 13th at 9 am
Loan application and required documents
The Camden County Small Business Development Center Offers Free
Professional Loan and Grant Counseling:,

Posted April 7, 2020

SBDC Payroll Protection Update (PDF)

Posted April 6, 2020

NJEDA Program

Posted April 2, 2020

Posted April 1. 2020

Posted March 31, 2020

New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) – Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program. Applications open April 3, 9am

US Chamber of Commerce Small Business Check List for Covid-19 Loans

Posted March 17, 2020

MARCH 17- Borough Statement regarding Covid-19.


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