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Earth Day Poster Contest

Clean, Green, and Ice Cream: Earth Day Poster Contest

Contest Open: March 15, 2023

Deadline: Saturday, April 1, 2023, by 11:59 PM EDT (EST)


To commemorate Earth Day and to help drive awareness to the Environment, the Partnership for Haddonfield is hosting an Earth Day Poster Contest! Kids who are passionate about taking care of the planet can show off their artistic skills by drawing a poster that answers the question: How Can We Keep Haddonfield Clean & Green?

The contest is open to all students in Elementary School (grades K-5) Middle School (grades 8-6) and High School (grades 9-12) to enter.

The contest is FREE to enter.

1 Winner will be selected from each level of education and will have their posters featured on the Downtown Haddonfield Big Belly Trash Cans Downtown.

Winners will also receive* a Gift Certificate to one of Downtown Haddonfield’s ice cream parlors or dessert businesses. (*Additional prizes may be available)

How to Enter

To enter the contest, a parent or guardian must email the following to

The winner(s) will be selected by the Partnership for Haddonfield Events Committee.

Guidelines & Rules

The entrant must be a resident of Haddonfield, NJ or a student enrolled at a school located in the Borough of Haddonfield, New Jersey.

Entries must be submitted by Parent/ Guardian or Teacher who is 18 years or older.

The artwork must be an original design (with little to no assistance from adults).

Students must be currently enrolled in Grades K-12.

No Partnership for Haddonfield, Borough of Haddonfield employee or relative of the organization holding the competition is eligible to enter the competition.

The Partnership for Haddonfield reserves the right to make decisions based on their own discretion. Explanations for decisions/awarding will not be made available nor provided.

Entries sent after April 1st will not be accepted.  Any work of finalists not received by the required deadline or not in the form required and agreed upon will be disqualified. All rights to any disqualified artwork remain with the artist

By entering, parent/ guardian/ teacher agrees that the submitted artwork and artists/ child’s name may be used for promotional uses and will be displayed to the public and featured on the Big Belly display by the Partnership for Haddonfield and/or the Borough of Haddonfield.

The display of artwork is dependent on production schedules and the availability of printers.

Entrant(s) agree the forces outside of control by the contest holder (Partnership for Haddonfield) may result in delay or cancellation of the contest. No one party shall be held liable for duties not completed.

Contest Timeline

Entries Accepted: Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Entry Deadline: 11:59 PM EDT (EST) on Saturday, April 1, 2023

Winners confirmed/ informed by April 10.

Winners announced leading up to Earth Day (April 22, 2023)

Poster/ Big Belly Sign will be on display on or before Earth Day, April 22, 2023.

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