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September 7: Haddonfield Center and School for the Performing Arts presents “Tubular”

Posted: 12 days ago


The World’s Best Tuba Cover Band


Friday, Sept. 7, 2018 · 7:00pm
$15 / BYOB / light refreshments served

Enjoy your favorite songs as you’ve never heard them before!  Tubular’s members spend their days playing in the premier cultural institutions of the East Coast, only to don leather pants and too much hair product by night, when they bring your favorite songs into the lowest of tessituras and thrill audiences who literally didn’t know tubas could do that.  From Tchaikovsky to Lady Gaga, Tubular redefines what the tuba is capable of, and is bent on vigorously entertaining live shows and world domination, among other things.  Audience members are encouraged to bring their singing voices, dancing shoes, and party pants – in that order. Find out more about Tubular at www.facebook.com/TubularBand/.

Greg Battista and Michael Brown, euphoniums
Carol Jantsch and Scott Devereaux, tubas
Andy Emerich, drums