Board of Trustees & Committees

Board of Trustees


Arlene Fiorilli


Parker & Associates

Retail Recruiter

Remi Fortunato

The PfH Committees that have been established and meet regularly.

Partnership for Haddonfield – ADMINISTRATION COMMITTEE
Responsible for operational aspects of PfH, defining business processes that are essential for PfH to operate as a business, financial and administrative review of proposals and contracts, arranging for insurance and audits, and other similar administrative tasks. This committee vets issues and makes recommendations to the board on issue resolution. This committee does not make decisions on behalf of the board.
Responsible for reviewing the treasurer’s proposed annual and semi-annual budget for adoption by PfH, and forwarding to the Board of Commissioners for approval.

Committee members are the PfH chairperson, Borough Commissioner, Committee chairpersons, Secretary/Administrator, Treasurer, Retail Recruiter. The Committee meets as needed on the fourth Wednesday of each month or as needed in Borough Hall Room 102 at 8:30 a.m.

The members are:
Susan Hodges, Chair
Jeff Kasko, Commissioner
John Picking & Kathy Gold, Co-Chairs, Marketing Committee
Colette Oswald, Chair, Professionals Committee
Sean Leonard, Chair, Visual Enhancements Committee
John Master, Chair, Retail Retention and Recruitment Committee
Arlene Fiorilli, Secretary/Administrator; Information Center
Parker & Associates, Treasurer
Remi Fortunato, Retail Recruiter

Partnership for Haddonfield – MARKETING COMMITTEE
Responsible for planning and implementing a marketing strategy for the retail and restaurant community. Works with marketing consultant on marketing, advertising, promotions, public relations and special events.

Representative functions include:
For the benefit of the stores and restaurants in Haddonfield:

The committee meets meets at least once a month and more frequently on an as needed basis, 8:30am @ Information Center
The members are: Kathy Gold & John Picking , Co-Chairs; Andrea Ranno, Barb Raphael, Melanie Reeder, Remi Fortunato, Susan Schmidtt, Arlene Fiorilli, Julie Beddingfield, Irene Powers, Lisa Netz

Partnership for Haddonfield – VISUAL ENHANCEMENTS COMMITTEE
To implement visual improvements in the Business District that includes holiday lighting, signage if needed, plantings and overall beautification to create comfortable, well-marked, and continuous street front experiences. The appeal of the pedestrian environment strengthens the sense of place and supports retail spending.

The committee meets on an as needed basis.
The members are: Sean Leonard, Chair

Administer incentive programs- review applications for retention grants- review applications for retailer rent subsidies and fit-out grants- review applications for restaurants rent subsidies and fit-out grants- periodically review grant programs and recommend changes, create new programs to assist retail recruiter’s recruitment efforts- make recommendations to the Board as to who shall receive grants and the amount of funds- obtain Board approval for disbursing funds under these programs – review prospective tenants proposed by retail coordinator

Committee members are : chairperson, (2) board members, Retail Recruiter, Secretary/Administrator, Treasurer
The Committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month in Borough Hall Room 102 at 9:30 a.m. on an as needed basis.
The members are:
John Master, Chair
Susan Hodges
Remi Fortunato
Arlene Fiorilli
Vince Parker
Sean Leonard
John Picking

Partnership for Haddonfield: PROFESSIONAL COMMITTEE
The Professional Committee promotes the diverse members of Haddonfield’s professional business community. The goal is to provide professionals and business services with the advertising opportunities and networking events necessary to succeed. The Professional Committee meets on the second Thursday of each month, 4pm or as needed, at the Haddonfield Information Center.
The members are:
Anne Picking, Chairperson
Arlene Fiorilli
John Picking
John Master
Colette Oswald
Barb Raphael
Maria Gorshin

Ad Hoc Committees
Regulations Committee: The PfH Regulations Committee is comprised of the PfH Chair (Susan Hodges), PfH Commissioner (Jeff), Borough Administrator (SharonMcCullough), the retail recruiter (Remi), the PfH administrator/secretary (Arlene), John Master, Jackie Russell, Vin Parker, Kathy Gold, Susan Schmidt.

By-Laws Committee: Members TBD (if needed)